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We will be staging the latest incarnation of “Refract”, September 21st and 22nd, in Newport Rhode Island, as part of the Open For Dancing 2013. Island Moving Co. stages this collaboration between, visiting choreographers and local dance practitioners, annually, in Newport, Rhode Island.  Find out more about the festival here.

I collaborated on this durational dance piece with Choreographer Deborah Lohse, and sound designer Brandon Wolcott, this summer, at “The Yard”, on Martha’s Vineyard.  In it, I constructed wearable embellishments from chandelier crystals upon Ms. Lohse, while she performed a sustained pastiche of movement and choreography, culled from fashion show conventions and magazine editorials.

For the festival, we are expanding the work for a performance ensemble, comprised of a dozen women of various ages, with different body types, and levels of dance training.  The work references an array of adornment rituals, and is intended to amplify the inherent beauty that every human individual possesses. If you happen to live near Newport, stop by and take in the splendor!

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2 thoughts on “Where’s Andrae?

  1. Andrae, you are awesome!! A total free spirit full of depth, passion and emotion! I look forward to seeing more and more of your designs!
    Keep the inspiration light shining bright!

  2. I was VERY disappointed when you were eliminated from Project Runway All Stars. You are one of my favorite designers from all seasons of Project Runway! I love your ideas; the conceptual part of your designs are fun and you use color very well. This doesn’t surprise me since you are such a colorful and fun person yourself! It’s interesting how concept is applied to fashion – many of the designers have a “deep” (and sometimes total bullshit) story behind their inspiration, but you play with real artistic concepts. Your wonderful personality comes through in your work (much more so than most), but more importantly, you humbly incorporate a great deal of NEW and ORIGINAL fashions that supply both form AND function. I love you and keep up the great work, amigo!!!!

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